About Me

You’re a good life coach, health coach or energy healer. You know how to change people’s lives. You want to make this your life’s work, but you don’t want to market yourself.

The very thought of marketing makes you want to let go of your coaching skills or God-given healing abilities and apply for yet another unfulfilling job that doesn’t light you up.

There is a way to doing your soul’s work and work on your own terms.

Ignore all the hoopla and nonsensical marketing advice from the online world.

You can create and build your holistic, coaching business or healing practice by sharing the very journey you yourself have taken to get there.

That’s it. No more marketing. Clients will come looking for you.

My name is Vishnu and I want to welcome you to Story Marketing Coach.

I’ve always loved stories. When I was a kid, I listened to every story someone would tell me. I loved reading stories and I even wrote many a story.  

Stories were magical, miraculous and magnetic.

Stories could teach, inspire, and give people hopes and dreams.

I enrolled in law school not so much because the idea of practicing law interested me, but because I wanted to hear and tell interesting stories about people’s lives. In the courtroom, I enjoyed telling my clients’ stories to prove their innocence or make their case in court.

My own personal story took a wild turn when I went through a life-changing divorce in my 30’s.

As the world I knew turned upside down and the life I had known became a distant memory, I didn’t know what to do. I had believed that the story of marriage was lifelong and happily-ever-after. The thought of creating a new story was scary.

When all I had known no longer existed, I did what I knew: I wrote my story. I wrote the story of love and heartbreak. I wrote the story of marriage and divorce. I wrote the story of healing and forgiveness.

I wrote my story in my journal. I wrote on my blog. I wrote on other blogs. I wrote for magazines and newspapers.

Each time I shared my story, people reached out to me with questions about overcoming divorce, letting go of the past and moving on. People asked me how to find themselves. This led me to coach people one-on-one online.

Later, I enrolled in a life coaching program but I soon realized that clients cared less about my training and more about the fact that I understood their journey and had walked it before.

They wanted to hire me because they connected with my story. They could relate with the journey I was on and wanted the transformation that I had.


Today, I help clients continue their post-divorce journey toward finding and creating a new life for themselves.

Some of the people I work with are also healers and coaches in training who have asked me about building a coaching business. That’s what led me to create this site.

I want to help people like you (people with coaching skills or an ability to heal) market themselves and grow their holistic businesses.

Don’t let all the online stuff confuse and overwhelm you.

Discover, develop and share your authentic story and journey of healing. You’ll never have to market again.

People will reach out to you.

People will refer you to their friends and colleagues.

People will seek the results you’ve achieved in your own life.

The end of marketing.

Like it?

Love it?

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