What is the Story Marketing Coach?

As a story marketing coach, I help you develop your personal story and life narrative. Yes, you already know your story. However, telling it in a compelling manner that connects with your target audience can be a challenge!

When you tell your story of transformation, you’ll attract those clients who are meant to work with you. Instead of marketing, you’ll niche yourself as a service to a very specific group of people seeking help.

You’ll become less of a marketer (which you dislike) and more of a story-teller, which you will enjoy.

What experience do you have with marketing?

I’ve run my own online immigration law firm and online coaching practice. Through this, I’ve spent nearly a decade learning about online marketing as well as marketing my services.

I’m excited about working with you – and other coaches and healers like you – because the world needs you now more than ever. Coaches and healers help create more awakened and conscious people. Your potential clients need you, and I want to help them find you.

What experience do you have with story-telling?

For most of my life, I’ve told stories, though at the time I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing.

During college, I took a public speaking course for 4 years. Through this, I learned about and refined the art of story-telling.

In my career in divorce law and immigration law, story-telling became a central part of my work. I used the power of my clients’ stories to help them win their day in court.

As a political consultant, I helped my clients tell their life stories with the goal of achieving election to public office. They needed the most authentic and powerful stories about overcoming obstacles to reach success. Powerful stories helped define a candidate’s image and win elections.

Finally, in my work in the advocacy world, I shaped and shared the stories of people facing life challenges. I helped these people tell their stories to legislators (with the goal of passing laws) and donors (to help raise money).

I have a keen, intuitive understanding of which stories resonate emotionally and which don’t. I tell stories that connect with people’s hearts … and yes, the stories must be true and authentic.

Do you have your own coaching business?

Yes, I coach people through my blog and business, called Vishnu’s Virtues. I coach people who have lost themselves after divorce or breakup. I help them find themselves and their purpose, as well as chase their dreams.

I started coaching when people reached out to me after reading my own story of heartbreak and divorce. My pain and agony were so intense, all I could do was write my story. This is how I learned about the power of story-telling.

Why are stories so powerful?

Stories are powerful because they visually and emotionally resonate with people. Regular people with regular problems can relate to stories because they can see them and feel them. When you tell someone the story of your experience, you remind them of their own experience. You powerfully connect with the very people who must work with you. Stories mentally and emotionally connect you to your audience.

Why do I need a coach to tell my story?

You don’t. You can tell your own story. However, I’ve noticed that people struggle with this on two levels.

One, people don’t know which parts of their stories resonate and connect with the audience. Coaches tend to over-share the least important parts of their stories, and under-share the most important parts. Second, we often fear sharing our stories.

A coach can help you find the courage to tell your story. You don’t have to hide your story any longer. Your life requires that you tell your story, and your business depends on your ability to share where you’ve been and how you got to where you are today.

Why do I need a video to tell my story?

Again, we often fear sharing our vulnerable stories. When I work with people, I’ve noticed that creating a video and sharing the client’s story – even once – gives them the courage to continue telling that story. You must overcome your fears, so we’ll capture your story on video.

Some people wait too long after our coaching session to tell their stories. Some people let fear take over and never tell their stories. Your story will work for you only if you tell it. I offer an additional coaching session during which I work with you on telling your story. I give you the courage to speak your story publicly.

Will I still have to market if I do story coaching?

This depends on what you mean by “market.” See, I don’t regard story-telling as marketing. If you’re asking whether you’ll have to tell your story after you develop it, the answer is yes! You must tell your story over and over, everywhere you can.

You won’t have to do other kinds of marketing that make little sense and produce few results. You won’t have to spend time on sales funnels, social media and all that jazz. I keep things simple: know your story, tell your story. That’s marketing.

What services do you provide?

I provide 4 basic services. I can do an audit during which I look at your site and marketing, then tell you what’s working and what isn’t. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty and tell you to change your tagline or site colors.

Instead, I’ll provide 2 or 3 insights into your marketing – insights that can change everything. I’ll show you the major hiccups and challenges in your marketing. Which big changes to your story or message will transform your coaching business?

My signature service is my story marketing coaching. I spend 4 sessions with you, getting to the core of your story. We take every life journey you’ve had, analyze it, put it under a microscope and pick out the relevant and powerful parts. We tie your story together using those parts that connect with each other. The result is an authentic, powerful story.

Once you have this story, you’ll feel empowered to share it with others. You’ll feel confident in your ability to market. You’ll simply start sharing the story we’ve put together.

Another service is a separate coaching session that helps you put together a video that markets your coaching services. You’ll have to tell your story at least one. You’ll have to record it once. You’ll have to capture it. I work with you on recording a story (about 2 minutes maximum) that you can share with your friends, current clients and potential clients.

Finally, I offer a quick blog setup where I work with you to set up your About page, Services page and ability to collect email addresses of potential clients. The service is fast, affordable and effective.

If you’re interested in working with me and getting started, check out my services page for my packages and services.