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Does all the marketing advice out there seem overwhelming?

Are you a coach or healer trying to build a practice so you can help people AND make a comfortable living?

I’d love to guide you and work with you, but we don’t have to work together. Just read the book and apply its strategies to your marketing.

I want you to tell your story better. Why? So you can connect with your target clients. Why? So you can help them transform their lives. By transforming their lives, you change the world.

So, yes, this gift is my attempt at conscious world change.

If you market better, we can change the world together by changing the lives of the people we work with.

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In this free gift, you’ll learn:

  • What the story-telling process and coaching is
  • How to tell an effective personal story that shows your clients you understand them
  • Why stories help you stand out in a crowded marketplace of coaches
  • How to stop marketing altogether and use the power of story-telling to build your business and attract clients
  • How to make a comfortable living and build your coaching business
  • How improving your marketing will help you live in abundance and do meaningful work, helping people and transforming lives

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