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I love working one on one with coaches and healers. I will help you develop your personal life story of transformation and share it with the world so you can:

  • Stop marketing yourself and start getting found by your ideal clients
  • Create a powerful story with a message that resonates and gets you hired
  • Set yourself apart from the thousands of coaches and healers out there
  • Make a comfortable living doing meaningful work on your own terms and according to your own schedule 

Through this work, we can change the world together. Clients desperately need the services you offer but they don’t quite know what you do.

Clients don’t understand jargon. “Coaching language” confuses them. You’re unable to solve their very individual and unique problems. 

Story coaching can change all that. 

I offer 4 services to help you improve your marketing and easily attract clients. 

Beginners Mind Coaching

Marketing Audit
1 x 60-minute session ($99.00 US) 

The coaching and marketing world is overwhelming you. Your attempts to gain clients aren’t going anywhere. The advice you hear is contradictory, and none of it seems to work. Can’t someone just tell you what to do? 

Do you want to stop constantly thinking about marketing? Do you want someone to look at your overall marketing approach and let you know what you’re doing right and what you need to stop doing immediately? Do you want an audit and then an action plan so that clients come to you, not the other way around? 

In this 60-minute session, I’ll look at your website, blog and other marketing materials. I’ll look at the story you’re presenting, the message behind your story and the process of change you explain in your marketing materials. I’ll then assess the offers you make to clients, the packages and the solutions you sell. I’ll look at your “about” page, taglines and free-gift offers to determine what works and what doesn’t. 

I like to focus on the big picture, so I’ll look for two or three overarching themes that could significantly affect your marketing. I’ll help you figure out how to attract the most clients with ease, in the shortest amount of time. 

I can also answer your questions about marketing, strategize best practices and help you do more of what you love (coaching) and less of what you hate (marketing). 

Leave this session with peace, clarity, inspiration and a plan! 

4 Noble Truths Coaching

Story Marketing Coaching
4 x 60-minute session 
($499.00 US)

How do you stop marketing in a way that feels slimy, ineffective and gut-wrenching? There has to be a more spiritual and conscious method, right? One that doesn’t require fancy websites, social media and sales funnels.

You’re right. It’s not as complicated as everyone is making it.

All the online marketing gurus are wrong. They’re trying to sell you courses and systems when all you need is a simple marketing plan. Your irritation stems from “shiny object syndrome” and fancy marketers which distract you from what you need to do.

You have an authentic and powerful story – the story of your own transformation. All you have to do is tell it. I teach you and coach you how to do this during our sessions.

Telling my story helped me build a readership and a popular blog over at www.vishnusvirtues.com. It attracted clients who needed coaching. They reached out to me first which led me to coaching. I started coaching before I ever took a coaching class! I truly understood the power of stories in marketing.

You and I will develop your personal narrative and start the journey toward attracting the clients you want. After I get this story out of you, we’ll polish it and repeat it until we get it right. In your story, you’ll find your solution or method, your message, your niche and your offering.

Once you realize how easy it is to draw clients to you and build your business, you’ll move about the world with ease. The idea of marketing will make you feel peaceful, confident and happy. You’ll tell yourself, “It’s as easy as telling my story.” Of course, there’s an art to it, but the beauty is that this masterpiece is within you.

Leave these sessions feeling peaceful, inspired and confident that you’re moving towards living a purposeful and impactful life.

Enlightened Being Coaching

Video Coaching
1 x 60-minute session ($149.00 US)

You have your story. Now what? 

You need the confidence to tell your story. You need experience sharing it. You need to practice saying it. 

Once we’ve developed your story, I’ll work with you on sharing it in one 2-minute video. 

I’ll be on the phone, Facetime or Skype with you, helping you practice and relate your story in a clear, concise and persuasive way. 

You’ll limit your story to 2 minutes and share it on a video that you record. 

I’ll be with you at each step, from practicing to recording. Once your story is on video, you can share it on YouTube, on Facebook, with your email list and with anyone else who might be interested in your services. 

During this 2-minute video, you’ll tell your story, share your transformation and let your audience know how you can help them. 

This might seem like marketing, but I’ll show you that it’s as easy as sharing a part of your life with people who might need your help. 

Once you overcome your fear and nervousness, you’ll become a natural at telling your story. Marketing will simply mean sharing your story with new people. 

Leave these sessions feeling inspired by your story, confident in your ability to share and motivated to get out there and let the world know who you are. Once you put yourself out there, there’s no turning back. 

Eight-Fold Path Coaching

Blog Setup ($499)

Now, that you and I have reviewed your marketing, developed your story and have said it on camera, now what? Well, now is the time to set up your blog and collect email addresses. It’s time to tell your story, offer your services and share your knowledge with the world. 

You can spend hours and years researching, figuring out what you want and searching high and low for a reasonably-priced graphic designer but I’ve found someone who gets the job done right with creativity and efficiency so you can have your blog up and running in no time. 

You send us the blog language and I will work with you to post it onto a brand new blog that features a Home page, About Me page, a Services page, Testimonial page and a Blog sign-up page. Yes, we set up a way for you to start collecting email addresses. Plus, we will also format your free gift that you’re going to send to your future subscribers.    

Within a week, you’ll have a new blog up and running that has all the essentials to start marketing your business. 


Are you ready to craft your story and share your story with the world? If you’re ready to step up your game and use your story in your marketing, follow these 3 simple steps.

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  5. Join me on our 1st call and get ready to transform your coaching practice and life.

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